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Ok so maybe this isn’t a politically driven post and for that you can thank me!

I’m not a very political person and when Iowa started Caucusing I had NO idea what that was. But lets be real, it sounds dirty. I’ll just put it out there that the first thing that came to mind was male genitalia. So how does this have anything to do with sugar and flour? I’m so glad you asked!

A couple years ago I had a friend (now loyal client) send me a text stating she had an awkward question to ask. Since I had no insight on which direction this was headed, I let her proceed. Her question- Can you make penis cookies? Of Course I can! SO I went to my good friend google to find a proper cookie cutter as well as some inspiration. I tried (and I mean TRIED) to find examples that others had done and while there was no lack of images, not many were cookies. So I created my own and now its my thing…

This was the original set (pardon the poor photography skills)…

Penis2   Penis1

Since then they have improved leaps and bounds!


Recently I was asked to do a “special” set and was happy to do so…


My most recent set looks something like this…


They really are versatile and can be customized in many ways.


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One year ago I had the honor of throwing my sister a baby shower for her second child. Since it was going to be a boy (the 1st a girl) I was allowed to go big! I spent months planning every detail and crafting until the wee hours of the night. Since they didn’t have a name chosen, we nicknamed baby boy Cosmo (big sister was Bertha- we have a knack for nicknames).IMG_1024

After much deliberation I decided to go with a denim and burlap theme. Lucky for me, I had a friend who had just cleaned out his closet and was getting rid of close to 10 pairs of jeans!!! I hit the jackpot! I immediately started cutting and crafting.




I used every scrap I could and couldn’t have been more pleased with how it all came together.





With all the details coming together, my biggest decisions were what to have for dessert, naturally. After countless hours of mulling it over, I decided on salted espresso chip cookies, dark chocolate peanut butter crunch bites, apple cobbler a la mode and sugar cookies.



One month later I was given the best thank you ever, my very own nephew!

Meet Karson



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It’s been a while…

I started this blog a few years ago with the best intentions of keeping it up to date and what do you know, nothing for almost 3 years!  I have been quite busy perfecting my skills and trying to have somewhat of a life. Here are a few projects I’ve done. 

I always love a rustic wedding cake!

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish with a side of some green eggs 😉

A nautical inspired baby shower. Compliments to the hosts for such a great presentation. 

Collaborating for Jamison’s 1st birthday was so fun! Her mama did such a great job tying everything together. 

Curious George

Holidays are my favorites reason for cookies but of course there’s #alwaysareason for cookies! 

In the middle of winter a little Hawaiian getaway is reason enough. 

Up, up and away for Lily’s 1st Birthday!! 

Thanks for stopping by! I promise it won’t be so long next time. 

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Macie’s First Birthday

One year ago, September 1st, my very own niece was born. Never did I imagine how much I could love this little lady. Sure I knew I would love her but it’s almost as if she is my own. I love her like I love my dog and for those who know me, know what the means. I never imagined that we would be so close. My sister (her mother) and I have not always had an ideal relationship, as I presume most sisters’ do. I didn’t know how that would translate into another’s life. For the last 10 months, due to the economy, I have been able to watch Miss Macie 3, sometimes 4 days a week. Our bond has grown and I couldn’t love her more.

With the party planning that goes on in my family I knew that her birthday bash would be one to remember. Sure enough, back in May, I started getting messages and emails to look at the newest idea my sister had come across. As the baker, the desserts were up to me. I didn’t want to go too traditional but wanted something for everyone. It was also an opportunity for me to showcase my newly found talent and most importantly take some pictures to show y’all…

With the theme of her party being “Barnyard Birthday Bash”, I had so many ideas but I needed to scale it back a little. The final menu was lemon bars, white chocolate dipped rice crispy treats, brownies, apple pie pops and mini cakes.

For her smash cake, I decided to do a pink ombre inside and the ever so girly ruffles on the outside. I was a little nervous about how much she would like her smash cake because I had made her one for her 1 year pictures and she touched it, then cried.

Clearly that wasn’t the case for this one. She dug right in and enjoyed EVERY bite.



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It’s all in a name

Welcome to Take Two! I’m not very good at blogging and I am trying my best to buckle down and make this happen. Here goes post #1!

One of the reasons that I had never actually started a blog was because I didn’t know what to call it. It’s almost as important as naming a child. If this thing works, I am stuck with this name for eternity. So, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration however I wouldn’t want to take off with one name then change it and confuse people so in a roundabout way, I would be, in fact, stuck with the name.

So why Take Two, Etc.?  I’m so glad you asked! There are actually a couple of reasons. What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when someone says take two? Ready go!!… In the people who I polled, I got the response of take two cookies and from an acting perspective, try again. BOTH are correct. No, I’m not an actress, sometimes dramatic but I would never cut it in the acting world. For me, Take Two is my second chance at a career but also, I have adapted a healthier lifestyle and believe in portion control. Unless requested, I make manageable sized ‘goods’ so that if you wanted two- you could with a good conscience. How great is that?! The Etc. comes into play because I don’t know what to classify this as. I would say desserts but I want to bake more breads. I would say bakery but then what happens to the candy buffets and the other miscellaneous services that I offer? So I went with the all-encompassing etc…

Take one would be what I had set my sights on since high school. I was going to be a child psychologist or counselor. I wanted to help form the youth of tomorrow and teach them how to cope with life trials and tribulations. I have fared some storms in my 28 years and feel that I could help others cope in the ways that I have. I would still LOVE to get my masters and make that happen but I got shot down twice in one year and decided that my stress level needed to come down before I attempted again. The biggest blow was that neither rejection was because of me, so I will never know if I am qualified unless I try again. (Side note: Once was because a letter of recommendation didn’t make it in and the second time the applicant pool was too small).

I DO believe that everything happens for a reason and as I got my second rejection letter, the rest of my life was crumbling. My workplace of 9.5 years was closing (leaving me jobless), I was prepared to face what I had convinced myself was cancer, there was a HUGE rift in part of my family and to top it off I wasn’t going to grad school. I got the letter and went for a walk to cry. I am pretty good at masking my feelings but it was just one of those times where that was impossible. I called one of my best friends, who at the time was the only one who knew of my health scare, and just let go. It’s nice to know that you have friends who you can do that with.

With impending doom in my life, I needed something that would let me decompress for a little while. I had always received praise for my cute cookies that I took to family events and they typically disappeared before appetizers were finished. That must be a good sign, right? (I have now gotten to the point that I hide them until the meal is finished so that everyone gets an equal crack at ‘em). So, I started baking. The praise that I have received from family and friends is something I never could have imagined. I have customers that I don’t even know and they keep coming back! I have such a great support system in my life that I decided to thank them all I should put 250% effort into my “business” and make this happen.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again real soon!

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