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Macie’s First Birthday

One year ago, September 1st, my very own niece was born. Never did I imagine how much I could love this little lady. Sure I knew I would love her but it’s almost as if she is my own. I love her like I love my dog and for those who know me, know what the means. I never imagined that we would be so close. My sister (her mother) and I have not always had an ideal relationship, as I presume most sisters’ do. I didn’t know how that would translate into another’s life. For the last 10 months, due to the economy, I have been able to watch Miss Macie 3, sometimes 4 days a week. Our bond has grown and I couldn’t love her more.

With the party planning that goes on in my family I knew that her birthday bash would be one to remember. Sure enough, back in May, I started getting messages and emails to look at the newest idea my sister had come across. As the baker, the desserts were up to me. I didn’t want to go too traditional but wanted something for everyone. It was also an opportunity for me to showcase my newly found talent and most importantly take some pictures to show y’all…

With the theme of her party being “Barnyard Birthday Bash”, I had so many ideas but I needed to scale it back a little. The final menu was lemon bars, white chocolate dipped rice crispy treats, brownies, apple pie pops and mini cakes.

For her smash cake, I decided to do a pink ombre inside and the ever so girly ruffles on the outside. I was a little nervous about how much she would like her smash cake because I had made her one for her 1 year pictures and she touched it, then cried.

Clearly that wasn’t the case for this one. She dug right in and enjoyed EVERY bite.



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