Take Two, etc.

Adventures in sugar, flour and life


on February 28, 2016

Ok so maybe this isn’t a politically driven post and for that you can thank me!

I’m not a very political person and when Iowa started Caucusing I had NO idea what that was. But lets be real, it sounds dirty. I’ll just put it out there that the first thing that came to mind was male genitalia. So how does this have anything to do with sugar and flour? I’m so glad you asked!

A couple years ago I had a friend (now loyal client) send me a text stating she had an awkward question to ask. Since I had no insight on which direction this was headed, I let her proceed. Her question- Can you make penis cookies? Of Course I can! SO I went to my good friend google to find a proper cookie cutter as well as some inspiration. I tried (and I mean TRIED) to find examples that others had done and while there was no lack of images, not many were cookies. So I created my own and now its my thing…

This was the original set (pardon the poor photography skills)…

Penis2   Penis1

Since then they have improved leaps and bounds!


Recently I was asked to do a “special” set and was happy to do so…


My most recent set looks something like this…


They really are versatile and can be customized in many ways.



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